Mayor - Craig Swancy

A Message from Mayor Swancy

First, I would like to say what an honor it is to serve as your Mayor. My focus is to enthusiastically and sincerely serve the community we live in, work in and most importantly, the one we are proud to call home. As a Weatherford native, understanding the unique feeling and vision we have here is truly essential. Being ever mindful of what has made Weatherford great by keeping a close watch on what we strive to accomplish in the present and the future.

While serving as a council member from 2007 to 2016, I am excited to be your Mayor now, especially during these challenging times that our city is facing. The demographics of our community have changed tremendously over the last 10 years, yet our heritage and uniqueness are ever present; that is why Weatherford is such a wonderful and distinctive community. Weatherford is not like other cities, and most certainly it is not like our metropolitan neighbors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Weatherford is indeed a growing and thriving city. We have a regional shopping area along our I-20 corridor that attracts folks to our fair city from counties to the south, west, and north. Weatherford has become the ‘western gateway’ to the DFW Metroplex and we have benefitted from those dollars spent here. Yet, in the long run, we are fortunate to be a city of interested and caring residents that respect our cultural inheritance and who take the time to participate in local government.

It is my sincere hope that in the coming years, we will continue, as a community of volunteers, to address our problems and to make Weatherford an even better place to live and work. As Mayor, it is my desire to work with the City Council to ensure that the needs of the entire community are addressed in a fair and open-minded way while sustaining the endowment that we so dearly treasure, and creating a focus to ensure that our community stays united and ever mindful on improvement. Our city is making significant progress as we implement Weatherford's Transportation Improvement Plan, our Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, Capital Improvement Projects, and, over the next ten years, you will see a tremendous amount of progress with those projects.

While my goal is to make substantial progress in every area of work that the city does, my plan is to assist in making the wait more pleasant, more fun, and more attractive. My desire is for our citizens and visitors to enjoy the progress made in returning First Monday to its former heydays, showcasing the amenities of Heritage Park, our new amphitheater, and our Hike and Bike Trail, and to help everyone discover our ‘crown jewel’ in Douglas Chandor's garden and home. As volunteers, I can only ask for your interest, your involvement, and your concern for our community. We may not be able to settle the issues that plague our country and the world, but we can make a difference right here at home. Please feel free to contact me at any time with your suggestions and comments about our city and your government. 
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