Soldier Spring Park

Soldier Spring Park is designated with a Texas Historical Marker.

The Texas Historical Marker Reads
“Confederate soldiers are said to have camped here in the 1860s because of the inviting spring. In 1890, veterans used the site for their 25th reunion. During the next year, 55 acres were set aside as Soldier Spring Park.
Chataqua programs (1910-28), circuses, town gatherings, other reunions and the public hanging of a criminal (1908) occurred here before the park fell into disuse. The city dump (1934-53) and then a caliche mine, the area reverted to park use in 1973. Civic groups joined to develop recreational facilities and restore natural beauty with native plantings.”

Weatherford citizens have utilized this park in many ways through the years. The changes and improvements it has gone through have turned it into the treasure that it is today.