Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this project?

A:  This project involves replacing the water and sanitary sewer lines along North Main between Front Street and Eighth Street.

Q:  Why are you doing this project?

A:  This project will replace old water and sewer lines, which are upwards to 70 years old and prone to needing repairs.  This will also provide brand new water and sewer lines prior to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)  resurfacing the street.

Q:  How will this project affect me?

A:  During construction, traffic delays can be expected.  Access to certain properties or businesses may also be inconvenient at times.  Once complete, this project will provide brand new water and sewer lines for better and more reliable service.

Q:  How will this project affect my commute using North Main Street?

A:  While this project is being constructed, you can expect delays due to variable lane closures.  While through traffic will be allowed to travel on North Main Street, it is recommended to consider an alternate route.  Ric Williamson Memorial Highway, Franklin Street, Brazos Street, and Elm Street are all good alternatives to avoid North Main Street.

Q:  I live or work on North Main Street.  Will I be able to get to my property?

A:  Yes.  The contractor for this project is required to provide some form of access to your property.  However, there may be times that the contractor will need to limit access to your property for a brief period of time (2 or 3 hours) to install the water or sewer line.  In this case, the contractor will provide you at least 48 hours of notice.  If for some reason access to your property is necessary during this scheduled time, the contractor can provide a way for you to enter or leave your property within a few minutes.

Q:  How long will this project take?

A:  The entire project is expected to take 8 months and be completed in December 2019. 

Q:  How long will the work be in front of my property?

A:  The contractor will only be working within one block at a time.  The work with each block is expected to take about three weeks.  Once the work is complete within each block, the block will be reopened, ready for traffic.

 Q:  When with the work happen in front of my property?

A:  The schedule below shows when the work will happen at specific location along North Main Street.  Please keep in mind that this schedule may change, and to visit City’s Engineering website at for any updated information.

Q:  How early or late will the work take place?

A:  The majority of the work is planned to take place between 7 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday.  There is nighttime work planned between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am that will only occur on 4 or 5 separate occasions.  Any property owners affected by this work will be notified at least 24 hour prior to the nighttime work.  While it is not planned at this time, it may be necessary to do some work during the weekend. 

Q:  Who do I call with questions or concerns?

A:  You may call Bill Smith with the City of Weatherford at (817) 598-4033.

Q:  How do I check the progress of the project?

A:  The best source of this information is the City’s Engineering website at  The City’s Facebook/Instagram/Twitter page are also an excellent source of information.  You can also call Bill Smith at (817) 598-4033.

Q:  If you are replacing water and sewer lines, will my water or sewer service be turned off?

A:  The best answer for this is….maybe.  The City will make every effort to maintain water and sewer service throughout this project.  However, there are times when scheduled water shutdowns are required to make connections to existing water lines.  When this occurs, any resident or business affected by the shutdown will be notified at least 24 hour prior to the shutdown.  There is also the unlikely event of an unscheduled shutdown to repair a water or sewer line due to unforeseen circumstances.  Water and sewer service will be restored as soon as possible with all shutdowns.

Q:  Can I expect a difference in water pressure after this project is done?

A:  While this project should improve water flow in the area, it is unlikely that you will notice an improvement in water pressure.

Q:  How long will it take to repair the street after the water and sewer lines are put in?

A:  The contractor will make all necessary repairs to the street as the water and sewer lines are put in.  Also, after the water and sewer lines are put in, the TxDOT will completely resurface the street.  Once these projects are complete, you will have all new water and sewer lines and a brand new street!

Q:  Where can I find a map of the project?

A:  A map and other information can be found at the City’s Engineering website at 

Q:  What can I do to help?

A:  If possible, seek an alternate route to avoid North Main Street.  If you cannot find an alternate route, please provide an extra measure of caution around the construction site.  Please be patient and mindful of construction traffic and workers in these areas.  The City of Weatherford and its contractor appreciates your patience and understanding while we complete this important project!