City Greenwood Cemetery

This project to establish rules and regulations for City Greenwood Cemetery began in 2014 on request of the Parker County Heritage Society. After much consideration, staff determined that rules were necessary for the health and safety of the parks maintenance crews, contractors, volunteers, and visitors to the cemetery, and for the proper appearance and standards of Weatherford's historic cemetery.

​As such, the rules and regulations were posted during the first week of October 2016. The 2-ft x 3-ft permanent signs were installed at the four entrances to the cemetery.

​Additionally, temporary signage will be posted in the cemetery to notify visitors that:
​​1) the rules went into effect on January 1, 2017
​​2) visitors will have through February 28, 2017 to personally remove all items not permitted by these rules and regulations
​3) After February 28th, staff will remove any items that are in violation beginning March 1, 2017
​4) items may be claimed from the City Secretary's Office March 2nd through 31st by contacting the City Secretary in person at City Hall at 303 Palo Pinto Street
​​5) any items remaining on April 1st will be discarded at that time

​Families are encouraged to remove personal items not in compliance with these rules on or before February 28th, 2017.

​Beginning March 1, 2017, any items found in the cemetery and not in compliance with these rules may be removed and discarded immediately.