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Reading Club for Kids
Reading Club

Registration begins 6/1/2015!

This reading program is for children aged from birth to 11 years. Children who are still learning to read can participate when their caregivers read with them to reach the goals of the Reading Club. The total goal is 20 hours, but kids that keep reading can earn more prizes with the Reading with Ringling program and the Summer Reading Raffle.

What do I have to do?
  1. Come to the library any time after 6/1/15.
  2. Register with the Reading Club at the reference desk.
  3. Read wherever you are and wherever you go!
  4. Track your time on your reading log.
  5. Come back and collect your prizes for every five hours read.
  6. Keep reading, even after you have read 20 hours. Don't forget to come back to participate in the Summer Reading Raffle and the Reading with Ringling program. 

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What is the Summer Reading Raffle?

The Summer Reading Raffle is only available for kids that complete the Reading Club. If you keep reading past 20 hours for the Reading Club, you can claim a ticket for every 5 hours read, starting at 25 hours. Each ticket must be completed and turned in at the reference desk to be included in a drawing held in August. You can earn as many tickets as you want - just keep reading.

What is Reading with Ringling?

Instead of collecting a raffle ticket for 25 hours of reading, kids have the option to go to the circus!  

Weatherford Public Library will participate in the
Reading with Ringling program in 2015. This program provides an opportunity for exceptional readers to win a ticket to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus when they visit the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in 2015. For this prize, the child must read 25 hours and receive a voucher that can be traded for their ticket. More details are available when you register your child.

If you decide to claim a pass for the Reading with Ringling Circus ticket at 25 hours, you can start claiming raffle tickets at 30 hours.

Prize lists can be consulted at the reference desk and descriptions of the Summer Reading Raffle prizes are posted in the link below.

Summer Reading Challenge Prizes 

The last day to turn in logs and raffle tickets is Sunday, 8/9/15.

The raffle drawing will be held on Wednesday, 8/12/15.

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