Trial Information

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Trial Information

A trial in the municipal court is a fair, impartial and public trial as in any other court. Under Texas law, you may be brought to trial only after a sworn complaint is filed against you. A complaint is a document that alleges the act filed against you and that the act is unlawful. There are no additional costs or fees to take your case to trial. The three different types of trials are pre-trial, jury trial and bench trial.

You have a right to:
  • Obtain counsel (attorney). The municipal court does not provide one for you.
  • Have a copy of the complaint no later than the day before the proceedings.
  • Inspect the complaint before trial and to have it read at trial.
  • Have your case tried before a jury.
  • Hear all testimony introduced against you.
  • Cross-examine witnesses.
  • Testify on your behalf.
  • Not testify, if you so desire. Not testifying can not be held against you in determining guilt or innocence.
  • Call witnesses to testify on your behalf at trial and to have the court issue a subpoena to any witness to ensure their appearance at trial.

Contact Information

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