While the library building is closed to the public, we will be offering curbside checkout services Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5:30 pm. Here are the steps for using curbside checkout:

1) Place a request through the online catalog. The link is at the bottom of this page, but please read through these procedures carefully before proceeding. Requests must be placed by 3:30 pm Monday through Saturday to ensure same-day pickup. We are unable to receive materials from other Parker County Library Association libraries at this time. To place a request, search for the item(s) you want, and click the 'Place Request' button. You will need to enter your library card barcode number and password. The default password for your online account is the last four digits of the phone number you listed when you signed up for a library card. If you are unable to access the online catalog or your account, you may place a request via telephone at 817.598.4150.

NOTE: You will be limited to ten (10) active requests per library card. Once you have checked out those items, you will be able to place more requests.

2) Wait for a notification that your materials are ready for checkout. This may take up to two hours from the time you place your request. The notification may be by phone, email, or text, depending on the preference you indicated when you signed up for your library card. We have had reports of our automated notification texts being blocked as spam by certain cellular providers. If you do not receive a notification within two hours from the time you made your request, please call the library at 817.598.4150.

NOTE: We are unable to schedule appointments for pickup times. Once you receive the notification, your requested items will be ready for you to pick up between 10 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday, and will be held for you for at least three days.

3) When you receive the notification that your materials are ready, come to the library and drive to the book drop driveway. If you have materials to return, please return them through the book drop before picking up your new materials. for public and library staff safety, returned materials will be held for up to four days after return before being checked in. You may see these items on your online library account for up to four days after you return them. Follow the signs and park just past the book drop, next to the orange traffic cones.

4) Have your library card or identification ready.

5) Call 817.598.4150.

6) Library staff will verify your library card number or identification information over the phone. They will bring your materials and leave them on a table for you near the driveway, with checkout receipt showing the due date for the materials. Once they have returned to the library building, you may exit your vehicle to retrieve your items. Our book drops will remain available 24/7 for your convenience in returning items.

Thank you for your cooperation in observing these brand-new procedures. They are meant to continue providing access to library materials even in these challenging times while keeping our community and our staff safe. As always, if you have any questions about curbside checkout or any other library service, please email us or call the library at 817.598.4150.