Weatherford Economic Development Board

Board Members
  • Mr. Randall Young, Parker County Hospital District CEO - Board Vice President
  • Ms. Tammy Gazzola, President, Weatherford Chamber of Commerce - Board Secretary
  • Mr. Craig Swancy - City Council Member
  • Mr. Dale Fleeger - City Council Member
  • Mr. Ken Davis - Weatherford Municipal Utility Board Member
  • Drive. Kevin Eaton, President Weatherford College
  • Drive. Jeffrey Hanks, Superintendent WISD
  • Mrs. Sharon Hayes, City Manager - Ex-Officio Member
Meeting Details
  • When - 3rd Thursday of each month
  • Time - 9 a.m.
  • Location - City Hall, 303 Palo Pinto, City Council Chambers
  • Contact - Dennis Clayton, CEcD, AIA Director of Economic Development, 817-598-4302 (Direct)
  • Main: 817-594-9429
  • Fax - 817-594-4786
  • Agenda - Available 72 hours prior to set meeting time - Upcoming Meetings
What We Do:
In July 2013,The Weatherford City Council adopted amendments to Title II, Commissions and Boards, of the City's Code of Ordinances to create the Economic Development Board and City Economic Development Department.
  • The City EDD and the Weatherford Economic Development Authority, Inc. (WEDA, Inc.) are designated by the City Council as the lead organizations for the marketing and promotion of the economy and the community to Business and Industry.
  • The Weatherford Economic Development Authority, Inc. (WEDA) is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(6) economic development corporation, created by the City Council in 2003.
Powers & Duties:
The Weatherford economic development board shall:
  • Act in an advisory capacity on policy matters to the city council for the city comprehensive economic development program including the management and implementation of an effective program of marketing for the promotion of the city and the community to business and industry and overall marketing of the city as a profitable business environment.
  • Engage in any lawful activity and to perform such other economic development activities, specifically designed to lead the promotion, marketing, attraction and retention of new and existing primary commercial, industrial and manufacturing businesses to the city of Weatherford, within the corporate limits of the city, Texas or its environs:
    • Including attraction of new business and industry, retention/expansion of existing businesses, small business and entrepreneurial assistance; and
    • The marketing of industrial, retail & commercial sites; and
    • The identification of target commercial and industrial enterprises.
  • Use its influence to promote programs, services and efforts of the comprehensive economic development program in the community, the state, and globally:
    • Lead in the research and compilation of comprehensive target industry information and resources; and
    • Provide real estate, incentives, demographics and economic indicator resources and information; and
    • Maintain knowledge of inventory of sites and buildings, economic and community data, workforce and local business trends for target industry needs.
  • Become familiar with state and local economic development laws, programs and resources.
  • Recommend policies and objectives governing economic development programs to the city council as deemed necessary by the board.
  • Review and recommend to the city council business assistance and incentives negotiations and economic development agreements for qualified and targeted businesses.
  • Organize and host the annual Industrial/Manufacturer Appreciation Lunch and the Annual ECOSummit strategic planning meeting. The Weatherford economic development board may solicit paid sponsorships to off-set costs of these events, not otherwise provided for in the annual department operations budget.
  • Co-operate with member organizations and other public and private groups in advancing the best interests of the city and the Weatherford economic development board.
  • Review and adopt an annual goals and marketing plan for the Weatherford economic development department following preparation by the economic development director.
  • Review the annual proposed operating budget following preparation by the economic development director, and make any recommendations to the city council it deems necessary.
  • Manage and implement the Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) program to assist local, existing business and industry and retain/expand existing primary and secondary jobs:
    • Develop and maintain records, database(s) and files of BRE program, develop and publish the Manufacturers Guide of existing primary businesses.
  • To establish advisory committee(s), not having and exercising the authority of the Weatherford economic development board in the management of the board, as appointed by the board. Any member of a committee may be removed by the board whenever, in their judgment, the best interests of the board shall be served by such removal.
    • Established committees include:
      • The Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Committee in partnership with the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce,
      • The Business Leadership Committee (BLC).
    • The board shall establish the number of members of each committee in consultation with the economic development director.
    • The board may appoint a board member liaison to each committee.
    • One member of each committee shall be appointed chair by the board.
    • Committee member qualifications - The committee members shall be a senior company, business or organization officer such as: CEO, owner, president, general manager, executive director, board member, elected official, etc. (or a designated representative by such), of a company, business or organization located within the city limits of Weatherford.
    • Each member of a committee shall continue as such until his/her successor is appointed, unless the committee shall be sooner terminated, or unless such member be removed from such committee, or unless such member ceases to qualify as a member thereof.
    • Vacancies in the membership of any committee may be filled by appointment made in the same manner as the original appointment.
  • Provide staff oversight and management to private/independent industrial/business development or program non-profit corporations/boards, upon review and recommendation by the board and as approved by the city council, including;
    • The Weatherford/Parker County economic development corporation, Hobson Industrial Park and board of directors; and
    • The Weatherford Industrial Development Corporation (IRB Board); and
    • Any other deemed appropriate or related to the city economic development program as requested, reviewed and approved.
    • Serve as board/corporation liaison for notices, agendas and meetings; provide business, board meeting, records-keeping and -filing, financial records-keeping, management/staff services, or other services unique to other organizations.
    • Provide management, marketing and promotion of sale, and maintain inventory, of the Hobson industrial park property and sites.