Department Directors

  1. Capital Transportation Projects

    See some of the duties of the Capital Transportation Projects Director.

  2. Electric Utilities

    Check out all of the services that are provided in Weatherford from the Director of Electric Utilities.

  3. Finance

    The Finance Administration division is responsible for the management of all financial operations for the City.

  4. Fire

    Chief Rust directs the operations of all divisions of the Weatherford Fire Department.

  5. Human Resources

    The HR Director administers, develops, and directs employment policies for all departments within the City.

  6. Library

    The Director makes regular presentations to interested community groups about current and future services and resources available at the library.

  7. Municipal/Community Services

    Mr. Bates oversees the supervision and coordination of all divisions within the Municipal/Community Services Department.

  8. Parks & Recreation

    Mr. Goodman oversees the supervision and coordination of all divisions within the Parks, Recreation & Special Events Department

  9. Planning & Development

    See what job the Director of Planning of Development has within Weatherford.

  10. Police

    Get details on the work that is done by the Police Chief of Weatherford.

  11. Information Technology

    Mr. Garvin is also responsible for the collaboration of all aspects of Information Technology-to provide the most efficient IT services to fellow employees, as well as ensuring the city's IT infrastructure provides the best possible service to citizens.

  12. Transportation & Public Works

    This Director also assists other departments in planning, design, inspections, and contruction activities.

  13. Water/Wastewater & Engineering

    Mr. Shaffer administers all aspects of the city's Water/Wastewater systems and Engineering of public improvements.