Weatherford Electric
What We Do
This department oversees electrical system planning, construction, and maintenance; electrical substations and distribution system; overhead and underground electric crews; power plant; SCADA; and the fiber optic system.

About Electric Plant

"The early pioneers who lived in Weatherford were responsible for the first electric system to furnish electricity for the citizens of Weatherford, and as science progressed, so did the inventions of things to make life more enjoyable and convenient. This was progress and Mr. Russell is the one who can be given credit for giving Weatherford its own electrical system."
J.B. Witherspoon, 1966

Advanced Metering System (AMS)
Weatherford Electric will be rolling out new meters over the next 3 years. These advanced metering system (AMS) meters will be beneficial to both the customer and the City. Learn more about
Advanced Metering System (AMS)
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