Crime Victim Services

About Crime Victim Services
Each law enforcement agency is required, by law, to appoint a Crime Victim Liaison within the department to help ensure that victims, guardians of victims, or close relatives of deceased victims are aware of the rights to which they are afforded. Weatherford Police Department's Crime Victim Liaison will contact these victims, their guardians, or close relatives by mail to provide important phone numbers, applications for Crime Victims' Compensation and other related brochures.

Crime Victims' Compensation (CVC)
The State of Texas currently offers a Crime Victims' Compensation (CVC) program through the Attorney General's Office. The purpose of the CVC program is to provide all available statutory benefits to injured victims of crime and their families who have no other means of paying for expenses incurred due to the crime.

The CVC program adopted Presumptive Eligibility as a new component of the business process in 2002. Presumptive Eligibility allows advocates, who are trained by the Office of the Attorney General's Crime Victim Services Division, to work directly with victims to gather the required documentation and submit a thorough application packet to CVC, thus shortening the review process by a minimum of 2-3 weeks allowing the crime victim to receive compensation they are entitled to in a timely manner.

Applications Approved/Denied and Funds Contributed
During 2013, approximately 400 information packets were mailed to victims inside the city limits of Weatherford. The Attorney General's Office received a total of 77 applications from all of Parker County. Of those applications, 54 were approved for funding. Parker County contributed $332,897 to the CVC fund and $88,634 was paid to Parker County victims and their families.