Employee Relations Guide

The Employee Relations Guide is a quarterly publication issued to city employee's. The stories inside help explain who we are as an organization and provides insight into our internal operations. The City of Weatherford and all employees work hard to provide the best services to citizens and public.

Volume 1, Issue 1 2015

Inside the Issue:

Get to Know Your Leadership

Volume 1, Issue 2 2015

Inside the Issue:

Chandor Gardens - The Best Around

Parker County Peach Festival - Plump, Juicy Peaches

Revenue Series Part II - No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Volume 2, Issue 1 2015

Inside the Issue:

The "CHiP's" of Weatherford

Volume 2, Issue 2 2016

Inside the Issue:

Meter Reader Renegades

From the Vault

The Sign Shop

Caution: Artists at Work