What We Do

The Traffic Division is responsible for:
  • Monitoring traffic volumes
  • Proper installation, repair, and maintenance of all traffic control devices
  • Pavement markings for street right-of-way
    • Installing signs such as:
    • Street Name signs
    • Speed limit signs
    • Regulatory signs upon ordinance
The increased traffic volumes within the city make this division and its functions critical to the city's economic life and the life quality of its citizens.

Special Events & Occasions

On special events and occasions, barricades are requested to block off streets and alleys. These special event applications are submitted through the Recreation Department at 817-598-4124.

If you have already submitted a special event application and have requested barricades for a day, please email the Traffic Division or call 817-598-4147 with questions or special instructions you may have.

Report and Issue
To report a damaged sign or other issues, download the Weatherford 311 app at and for more information.