Curbside Recycling

The City of Weatherford appreciates your interest in recycling. Our voluntary curbside recycling program allows Weatherford residents to conveniently recycle a large variety of household materials.
  • Collection
    • Recycling will be collected on one of your regular collection days. Recyclable materials should be placed loosely inside of your recycling container and placed by the curb in accordance with the same rules and regulations as your current twice a week bagged collection service. Your actual collection day schedule will be attached to your cart when it is delivered to your home. Collection map.
    • Alternative curbside collections are available to disabled residents. You must provide proof of disability from your physician. Smaller carts may be available for disabled residents.
  • Items Accepted
    • Paper, cardboard (all types), tin, aluminum, plastics (1-7) and all glass containers.
  • Items Not Accepted
    • Food contaminated containers, tires, motor oil, garden hoses, styrofoam (even if listed with a #6) or any other material not mentioned above.
  • Cart Fee
    • There is a non-refundable one-time cart fee of $ 10.00 plus sales tax. If the cart is lost, damaged or stolen you will be charged another $10.00 cart fee plus sales tax.
    • The cart fee will be waived for citizens age 65 and over. Proof must be presented to Customer Service.
  • Service Fee
    • Participants agree to participate in the program for an initial period of 12 months. On the 13th month, customers may cancel their service at anytime. While participating in the program, customers will be billed $2.50 per month plus sales tax on their regular utility bill.
  • Recycling Cart Storage
    • Participants agree to store their cart in a location that is not visible from the public street.
  • Online Recycling Application
    • Residents who are interested in participating in the voluntary recycling program must submit an online application.
Contact Us

  • Sanitation Department
    Ph: 817-598-4145